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Create the perfect party wave using a hair straightener

Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned DIY-er, or somewhere in between, we've found the easiest tutorial you can follow to achieve beautiful deep waves in your hair using your hair straightener at home.

These tumbling waves are the perfect style to start your social schedule and can easily be turned into a next day look, whether you have a family brunch or another glamorous party! Create a deep side parting so that when curling, you create a beautiful sweeping effect. Use the ghd platinum+ styler to create your waves, the rounded barrel is perfect for shaping high volume arcs that last all night long.

Step by Step: How to Create Wavy Hair

Step 1: Prep damp hair with curl hold spray Prep damp hair with a curl hold spray to give your curls long lasting hold. Step 2: Take a section from ear to ear Section your hair to make styling easier, starting with the lower layers of your hair. Step 3: Place straightener at the root facing away from the face Starting at the low side of the parting, place the straightener horizontally across the top of your head at the root, close and rotate 180° down.


Step 4: Glide down to the ends of your hair Glide the styler down and away from the face all the way to the ends. Continue working in sections with the same technique on the low side of the parting, always rotating the styler in the same direction.

Step 5: Repeat through all sections of the hair, always curling in the same direction On the other side of the head the styler should now be pointing towards the face. Step 6: Soften the curls into waves using a paddle brush Brush through your curls with a paddle brush to soften the ringlets for a smooth party wave finish. Step 7: Apply serum Add shine and lustre with a smoothing hair serum.


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