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Request for a Re-do


At Veronica Jayne, we are committed to ensuring that you love the end result following your service with us. While all services are non-refundable, we understand that there may be instances where an adjustment is necessary.


Complimentary Adjustment Service: 
We offer a complimentary adjustment service at our discretion, depending on the circumstances. This service is provided free of charge to address any dissatisfaction you may have with the initial service.


Disagreement Resolution: 
In the event of a disagreement, any request for an adjustment service must be validated by our management team.


Timeframe for Request: 
You have a window of 48 hours from the completion of the initial service to contact Veronica Jayne and request a complimentary adjustment service. Visit us in the salon or email us at


Eligibility for Adjustment: 
The need for an adjustment service must arise from a mistake made during your service at our salon, rather than a change of mind on your part after the service has been performed. Unfortunately, adjustments are not applicable if the dissatisfaction is due to your previous hair state, deviation from aftercare instructions, or a personal preference change.


Prompt Contact: 
It is crucial that you contact our salon as soon as you become unhappy with the service so that we can promptly schedule you for an adjustment service at the earliest convenience. Our goal is to ensure you leave our salon feeling beautiful and confident. Please communicate any concerns with your hair stylist as soon as possible and we will do our best to provide a solution with an adjustment service.

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