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Bronde 101: Your guide to autumn's most sought after shades

What do you get when you combine the shimmer of blonde hair with the richness and depth of brown? Bronde hair; one of the most covetable colours out there, counting the likes of J-Lo and Jessica Alba as fans. This is one look that works in every season and with all manner of techniques, whether bronde balayage, bronde ombre or all-over bronde is the look you’re going for.

Keep scrolling for your glow-to guide to working luminous bronde locks…

What is bronde hair?

The clue’s in the name. Bronde hair is the perfect mix of blonde and brown, and you can customize it depending on the finish you or your client craves. Bump up the blonde in bronde if sun-kissed, beachy color is your vibe or add a little extra brown for a delicious toffee-toned finish. It’s the ideal shade for brunettes who want to dip a toe into the blonde pool, as well as blondes tempted to take their color a touch darker.

Who suits bronde hair?

Everyone suits this trend. Because it hits that sweet spot between light and dark, all skin tones, eye colors and base hair colors can carry some level of bronde. Even redheads can get a twist on the look by turning locks an auburn shade, then adding a scattering of blonde highlights to create their version of bronde. Plus, bronde can be taken both warm and cool, depending on the formulas you mix up, meaning you can even tailor it to specific undertones in the skin.

How to achieve bronde hair

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to create bronde hair. It all depends on the level of blonde vs. brown you’re going for, as well as the technique you want to try. However, there are a few rules that apply when mixing up a bronde transformation, so keep these easy-to-follow tips in mind:


While a traditional balayage technique sees lighter ribbons swept through the hair, a reverse balayage is all about enriching locks with deep, dimension-building tones. On wannabe brondes with blonde hair, brush a warm caramel tone or ash brown hue up into mid-lengths and ends, and even consider a root smudge to give an overall darker feel.


You want bronde hair to look glowy and natural – not blocky or stripey – so adopt a freehand technique when adding touches of blonde to a brunette base. Try Blondor Freelights, which enables up to seven levels of lightening, and stays in place so you can apply it exactly where you want it to go.


Getting bronde hair isn’t just about the in-salon process. The aftercare is just as important for a flawless, luminous finish. Keep colour fresh with colour protection shampoo and, if you want to make the blonde ribbons sparkle (who doesn't?) treat your hair once a week with a refreshing conditioner. Talk to one of our lovely stylists at Veronica Jayne who can customise a routine for your hair type, colour and desired style.

Image Credit: @pablofriseure


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