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Quiz: What Colour Should I Dye My Hair Next?

Not sure what colour to go next? We reveal the trending shades, then take our quiz to discover your perfect match.

Hair colour trends used to be hard and fast, but these days finding your perfect hairstyle is a much more personal journey. Choosing the hair colour that looks best on you and that makes you feel confident is more important than following the trends. Having said that, it’s always fun to know what’s trending and it might help you discover a look you’d never thought to try before.

This autumn/winter 2022, 5 hair trends are set to be big news. From bright blonde and pale pink to copper, brunette and chocolate cherry, take our quiz to find out which shade to try.

Quiz: Get Started

Q1. Why do you colour your hair?

A. To have fun

B. To look natural

C. To make a statement

D. To enhance shine

E. To try new things

Q2. You colour personality is…

A. Experimental

B. Cautious

C. Confident

D. Laidback

E. Anything goes

Q3. When it comes to maintenance, you…

A. You understand it’s part of the process

B. You don’t want to be at the hairdresser all the time

C. You and your hairdresser are BFFs

D. You are pretty laidback

E. You don’t mind a bit of effort

Q4. If you were going on holiday, where would you go…

A. Coachella, you love festivals

B. Boston in the fall

C. A trend-led city like New York

D. Paris, so chic!

E. Exploring Germany’s atmospheric Black Forest.

Q5. Your idea of the perfect night in is...

A. Movie night with popcorn

B. A bath and a good book

C. A night in? I prefer going out

D. A dinner party

E. Games night!

Q6. Your wardrobe is filled with mostly…

A. Fun colours

B. Natural tones and fabrics

C. Monochrome and sharp tailoring

D. Chic staples and standout accessories

E. Leather, denim and dark hues

The Results

Mostly As - Rose Quartz

Pale pink is a hair colour that trending for autumn/winter 2021/22 and if you’re already blonde it can be a fun way to change up your look. A redhead or brunette? Experiment with balayage with a pale pink wash. Be sure to protect your strands from environmental damage and heat styling with Chroma Absolu Sérum Chroma Thermique.

Mostly Bs - Clearly Copper

Copper colour is big news right now and is here to stay! The beautiful autumnal hue is fairly easy to achieve if you are blonde. Brunettes can work with balayage and gloss to give their hair a copper tone. Keep copper hair looking its best with a nourishing treatment like Chroma Absolu Masque Chroma Filler that leaves hair 93% more nourished*, whilst 92% of colour intensity remains after 6 weeks**.

*Instrumental Test Masque Chroma Filler

**Instrumental test Bain Riche + Masque Chroma Filler

Mostly Cs - Bright Blonde

Does bright blonde ever really go out of style? This hair colour look is high maintenance even if you’re a natural blonde, but the striking finish will be worth the effort. Just be sure to really nourish your hair at home, Chroma Absolu Soin Acide Chroma Gloss seals in shine and hydrates the hair - it will be your best friend.

Mostly Ds - Brilliant Brunette

If you want serious shine, a brunette hair colour reflects the line much better than blonde. For natural brunettes, going a shade or two darker with an in-salon gloss treatment like the Fusio Dose Brilliance Booster will leave hair looking gorgeous and glossy.

Mostly Es - Chocolate Cherry

While pale pink has been around a while, chocolate cherry is a new colour trend on the block. If your hair is dark naturally, lighting pieces and adding a cherry hue can be a fun way to add flashes of colour to your hair without going for an all-over colour change. Keep hair soft, shiny and nourished right at the start of your routine with Bain Riche Chroma Respect, it leaves hair 90% more hydrated* for less colour fade.

*Instrumental Test Bain Riche Chroma Respect + Masque Chroma Filler + Sérum Chroma Thermique

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