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Choosing the Best Products for Coloured Hair

Love experimenting with colour but don’t love damage? Chroma Absolu is the range you need to nourish your hair, whatever look you choose.

For many, our hair is a huge part of our identity, of who we are and how we want the world to see us. Whether you are loyal to your colour or change the shade on a whim, Chroma Absolu will support your hair in-salon and at home.

Chroma Absolu Range


Chroma Absolu is an efficient range that quickly and effectively tackles colour-induced damage from fibre porosity that leads to accelerated colour fade and hair oxidation that can leave hair with unwanted red and copper tones, to a change in hair texture including frizz, dullness and a roughness to the touch. Based on years of research, the foundation of Chroma Absolu contains a trilogy of acids—Tartaric, Amino and Lactic. This technology works to rebuild the strands, shield against environmental aggressors, whilst boosting shine and reducing frizz.


The Chroma Absolu experience starts in salons with the post-colour intense caring concentrate - Concentre Acide Aminé that will offer protection and nutrition and the Booster Resurfaçant, an intense caring booster for coloured hair (great for resurfacing hair for ultimate softness and instant care).

To care for colour treated hair, you can choose between two shampoos, Bain Chroma Respect for fine to medium hair and Bain Riche Chroma Respect for medium to thick hair. For gentle care, both are free from Silicones, Sulfates and Parabens, the formulas respect your hair by not stripping or fading the colour.

Bain Chroma Respect is a pale creamy rose gel, infused with amino acid and Centella Asiatica it intensely hydrates the hair and reduces strand porosity to retains colour for longer. Hair gains a lightweight bounce and a more brilliant shine.

Bain Riche Chroma Respect boasts a blend of Lactic Acid and Centella Asiatica to immediately soften strands and reduce unwanted frizz. Hair is left 98% more nourished* to help prevent colour fade. With both shampoos, hair is so healthy that after 6 weeks, 92% of colour intensity** is preserved.

*Instrumental test Bain Riche Chroma Respect + Masque Chroma Filler + Sérum Chroma Thermique

**Instrumental test Bain Chroma Respect + Fondant Cica Chroma / Bain Riche + Masque Chroma Filler / Bain Riche + Soin Acide Chroma Gloss

To follow, there is the Fondant Cica Chroma, an anti-porosity strengthening conditioner for fine to medium hair. Left on for just 2-3 minutes it penetrates deep down into the core of your strands to fill porous areas, hydrating and strengthening from within, for a preserved, vibrant colour. You can expect 87% stronger* strands, 87% more hydrated* hair.

*Instrumental test Bain Chroma Respect + Fondant Cica Chroma + Sérum Chroma Thermique

For once-weekly extra care, the range has two masques for intense colour reviving. Masque Chroma Filler is a rich cream for medium to thick hair and, like the Fondant Cica Chroma, it contains Amino Acid and Centella Asiaticia to penetrate into the core of your hair for 92% stronger* strands. It leaves hair 93% more nourished* and with reduced porosity** for hair that retains its colour for longer. You can expect increased shine too.

*Instrumental test Bain Riche Chroma Respect + Masque Chroma Filler + Sérum Chroma Thermique

** Instrumental test Bain Riche Chroma Respect + Masque Chroma Filler

The star of the Chroma Absolu show is the shine-boosting treatment Soin Acide Chroma Gloss. Starting as a transparent fluid texture, it transforms into a rich white cream when in contact with water. The miracle formula deeply cares for hair fibres while transforming and sealing the surface for reduced porosity, intense softness and a bright shine. Hair is so healthy that colour lasts longer.

Heat and UV damage are serious colour enemies that can lead to unwanted fading, which is why Sérum Chroma Thermique has been formulated to intensively shield and protect against multiple external aggressors: UV induced damage, humidity, heat and oxidative stress. This offers intense protection against humidity and water molecules in the air for 77% less colour induced frizz*. It also contains thermo-protection up to 230°C*.

*Instrumental test Sérum Chroma Thermique

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