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How to Curl Short to Medium Length Hair with a Straightener

When it comes to your next hairstyle, don’t let length dictate your choice. For girls with cropped lengths, curling short hair is your ticket to adding a whole new dimension to your styling game. Nail how to curl short hair and become the leader of the trimmed tresses revolution.

Make ripples, waves and curls another string of your short hairstyle bow. Get lopped lock perfection with the essential ghd guide on how to curl short hair with a straightener.

For short curly hairstyles, let ghd be your styling guru. Curling short hair with straightener is effortless with the ghd platinum+ styler – giving you curvaceous curls in one stroke, this styler is the tool for limitless short hair styling.


Step by Step

Here's how to curl your hair using a straightener:

1. Prep hair with curl hold spray 

To give you long-lasting curls and keep your locks protected against the heat of styling, prepare the hair with ghd curl hold spray.

2. Section hair top to bottom

Section the bottom half of the hair and secure the top with a hair clip.

3. Place styler at root, rotate half a turn and glide away from face

Place the ghd platinum+ styler at the root and rotate half a turn away from the face and glide to the ends.

4. Take next section, repeat step but alternate direction of curl

Pick out another section of hair and repeat the technique, alternating the direction of the rotation for a textured look.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on all hair

Continue this technique, alternating the rotation, until all visible hair from the top has been curled.

TIP: By doing the visible hair and not sectioning underneath, you will add curl without losing too much of the length.

6. Unclip top section and repeat curling

Release the top section and continue the curling technique, alternating the rotation of the styler.

7. At front, rotate styler out and glide

On the front pieces of hair, rotate the styler away from the face to kick the curls away from the eyes and open up the style.

8. Work through curls with detangling comb

Comb through with a ghd detangling comb for a natural look.

9. Spray hairspray on hands and tease

Once all the hair has been combed, spray ghd final fix hairspray onto your hands and tease for a wider, textured finish.


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