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How to go Grey Gracefully

Transitioning to Grey? Or thinking about it? From embracing one modern chop - or even two - to blending your salt and pepper roots. We have extensive expertise to draw on to assist you in the VJ salon. But first, let’s unpack some of the common myths about greying hair:

Myth #1 Grey hair is more COARSE.

In fact, grey hairs are finer. As hair loses its melanin granules, its shape changes and it looses some of its elastic properties. Also, oil production from the scalp slows which makes your hair feel drier, giving it that ‘coarse’ texture.


Myth #2 Grey hair is DULL.

Okay, this one is kind of true, but it doesn’t need to be the case for you. Dry hair - whether it’s grey or not - is unable to reflect light and lacks shine. Emphasis on regular treatments, products that gloss and smooth, or target fragile or coloured hair will boost your hair’s health.


Myth #3 Grey hair makes you look OLD.

Being tired, dehydrated, and frowning has a better chance of making you look old than your hair colour. But if you’re concerned about grey ageing you, talk to one of our stylists and they’ll advise which cut will lift your face and make you appear more youthful.


Myth #4 Going Grey takes too much TIME.

Oops, wrong again. Colour is so incredible these days, it needn’t take weeks or months to grow out your hair, dyed or otherwise. We can enhance your natural shade, warm up the grey and blend to reduce the appearance of regrowth. It’s not about COVERING the greys. It’s about embracing softness and creating beautiful, feminine hair.

Are you ready to take the leap?


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